Berlin London Beteiligungs Holding AG

Berlin London Beteiligungs Holding AG (BLH) is a company with a registered office in Berlin and offices in Germany, UK and Switzerland which is run by experienced German, British and Swiss individuals.


It has been set up to enable capital investment to be generated and used to purchase shares in both new and existing niche and specialist insurers.


Concept and Approach


BLH will be acquiring insurance companies with the potential to achieve an acceptable yield on the initial investment and ongoing trading activities.




Risk Management


BLH will be looking to take both a major shareholding in existing companies with a view to rationalising and improving the financial and trading performance and to create new companies where appropriate for niche products/ jurisdictions.


Strategy, control, guidance and operational support of the insurance companies will be delivered by BLH.


Our shareholdings and interests will be the responsibility of our professional Management Team.


Professional risk management leads to income security and yield.





BLH will seek appropriate regulatory approval in the countries of operation and will implement governance and control procedures as required.





BLH consists of strong, competent and professional members with a combined wealth of experience and knowledge in the insurance and financial services sectors.



Business Model