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Eberhard Lau


Eberhard Lau (1957) started his career in the insurance sector 1979. Since that time he has worked in a variety of roles including managing director and sales supervisor in different international insurance brokers and companies.


Since 2001 he has been managing director of a German insurance broker in Hamburg and a business consultant.


Eberhard Lau has unique knowledge of the energy and construction sectors with particular reference to Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Turkmenistan and other former countries of RF.


Eberhard Lau holds shares in a Swiss holding company, a German real estate company and is a shareholder and member of the Supervisory Board (Chairman) of Berlin London Beteiligungs Holding AG, Berlin.




Dr. Max Rössler


Dr. Max Rössler (1940) studied mathematics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich). He then worked in research in applied mathematics and space science for several years at ETH Zurich and Harvard University in Cambridge (with a contract from NASA).


In 1978 Dr. Rössler changed to Schweizerische Kreditanstalt (now Credit Suisse) as head of analysis for fixed income products and became also responsible for the management of a number of investment trusts with a total size of over 12 billion CHF.


In recent years Dr. Rössler was adviser for several financial institutions, among them the bank Dominick Company AG, the insurance company SUVA and Bank Reichmuth & Co., all in Switzerland.


Dr. Rössler is also a renowned investor and board member in various companies.


Since 2015, Dr. Rössler is a shareholder and member of the Supervisory Board of Berlin London Beteiligungs Holding AG, Berlin.




Dominic Brady


Dominic Brady (1969) began working for Frizzell, a Lloyd’s broker in 1990.


Since then, he has worked for a variety of Lloyd’s and London market brokers, underwriters and Coverholders including Marketform, Cooper Gay and Co Ltd and Harel (UK) Ltd. He has consistently focussed on niche binding authorities and facilities.


In 2010 Dominic Brady, who is an approved person with the Financial Conduct Authority, assisted in founding Kainos Associates LLP, an FCA regulated entity.


He specialises in structuring scheme business and has notably been responsible for creating a diverse range of innovative new insurance programs in over 60 jurisdictions worldwide.


Since 2015 Dominic has been a shareholder of Berlin London Beteiligungs Holding AG, Berlin


Prior to his career in the insurance industry he gained an MA in Classics from Cambridge University.


Stefan Brauel













From 2014-2015 Stefan Brauel was invited by the owners of BVAG Berliner Versicherung Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin, to run the company.


Since 2015 Stefan has been a shareholder in and member of the Board of Management (Chairman) of Berlin London Beteiligungs Holding AG, Berlin.



Lu Cooper















Since 2015 Lu has been a shareholder of Berlin London Beteiligungs Holding AG, Berlin.




Stefan Brauel (1961) studied law at the University of Passau. He started his career at Allgemeine Kreditversicherung AG in Mainz. In 2001 he was appointed to the board of management of Coface Deutschland AG, Mainz, and to the executive committee Coface S.A., Paris.


From 2011-2012 Stefan Brauel was member of the board of management of GFKL Financial Services AG in Essen, a receivables management company. He was primarily responsible for sales and marketing.


From 2013-2015 he took care for a start-up in the Rolf Deyhle Group which developed an invoicing tool for German mid-sized sector companies.


Lu Cooper (1960) has acquired a wide range of management experience in
customer facing businesses. Her core skills include business management, finance, governance, regulation and underwriting.


From 1988-2008 she worked at Allianz Insurance PLC. Between 2003-2008 she
was Schemes Director with full P&L responsibility for all trading activities within the Schemes and Binding Authorities Division.


She is a Partner at Kainos Associates LLP, an FCA regulated entity, providing a complete range of wholesale and retail insurance and reinsurance, underwriting, broking and claims handling services in respect of worldwide (predominantly non marine) business.